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10 benefits of the TEK 880 Radar for tank level monitoring

Rochester Sensors Europe, formerly Tekelek, has a long-standing history in the design and manufacture of best in class intrinsically safe Cellular ultrasonic options and LoRaWAN ultrasonic solutions providing accurate and reliable level measurement in challenging environments. We are delighted to now add the TEK 880 Cellular Radar level sensor (UL 913 Class 1 Division 1 Zone 0 certified) to our product portfolio.

10 benefits of the TEK 880 Radar for tank level monitoring

  1. High Accuracy and Precision:

Our FCC approved and C1D1/ATEX certified 60 GHz radar TLM provides for accurate and precise level measurements, to mm accuracy, offering reliable data for inventory management and process control.

  1. Non-Contact Measurement:

Being a non-contact technology, the TEK 880’s state of the art 60 GHz radar avoids physical contact with the liquid, reducing the risk of sensor contamination, corrosion, or wear and tear over time.

  1. Versatility in Tank Types:

Our 60 GHz radar is versatile and can be employed in various types of tanks, including those with challenging conditions such as high temperatures, pressure, or more corrosive materials.

  1. Minimal Environmental Interference:

Unlike other sensor types, 60 GHz radar is less affected by environmental factors like temperature, humidity, or vapor, ensuring consistent performance in diverse conditions.

  1. Adaptability to Harsh Environments:

The TEK 880s radar technology is well-suited for harsh industrial environments, making it reliable in applications where competing sensors might struggle due to extreme conditions.

  1. Excellent Signal Resolution:

The high frequency of the TEK 880’s 60 GHz radar allows for superior signal resolution, enabling precise measurement in tanks with complex geometries or internal structures.

  1. Longer Measurement Range:

60 GHz radar often have a longer measurement range compared to many competing sensor technologies, making it suitable for tanks with large dimensions or where measurements need to be taken over an extended distance.

  1. Resistance to Dust and Fog:

In environments with dust or fog, where ultrasonic sensors may encounter challenges, 60 GHz radar can perform very well due to its ability to penetrate through such conditions.

  1. Reduced Maintenance Requirements:

Non-contact measurement reduces wear and tear on the sensor, leading to lower maintenance requirements and increased operational efficiency.

  1. Fast and Real-time Monitoring:

The TEK 880’S powerful 60 GHz radar provides for fast and real-time level monitoring, allowing for quick response to changes in tank levels and facilitating better control over inventory management and industrial processes.

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