Butane-Propane News Issue “Tank monitoring is growing”

Butane-Propane News, September 2020

Tekelek was pleased to contribute to a recent BPN News article highlighting the increasing deployment of remote tank monitoring (RTM) in the propane industry.

“In the propane industry, tank monitoring is growing because propane marketers need to maximize the efficiency of their deliveries, and because customers expect to have information available to them on demand”.

With 25 years experience, Tekelek is leading the way in providing remote monitoring solutions to the propane industry. Tekelek offer an extensive portfolio of ATEX approved measurement technologies designed and manufactured for the propane industry. Our products are subject to strict safety requirements ensuring precise and accurate monitoring to optimize operational resources.

Read article at www.bpnews.com

For more information on our LPG remote tank monitoring solution, see https://tekelek.com/application/tek-gas/ or contact sales@tekelek.ie