New Product Announcement – LTE Logger with Ultrasonic Sensor Exi

ATEX 4G LTE NB-IoT/CAT-M1 ultrasonic

A new addition to our product portfolio –

As an extension of Tekelek’s core IoT hardware offering, We are pleased to introduce our new TEK871 LTE Logger with Ultrasonic Sensor Exi. This exciting innovation will compliment our established portfolio of intrinsically safe remote monitoring solutions that pride themselves on meeting environmental highly regulated environmental standards.

At Tekelek, we understand that reliable analyses have a vital role to play in ensuring processes in a hazardous industry environment run smoothly. Problems and costly shutdowns can be avoided using continuous monitoring, as Tekelek technology offers real-time visibility, greater asset management, and improved business planning.

Our TEK LTE Ultrasonic Exi smart level sensing device uses ultrasonic technology to measure the level of the chemical being monitored and then communicates this data in a binary message to a remote server via a TCP connection. This is communicated via CAT-M1 / NB-IoT networks. This LTE level sensor is ATEX certified. Our sensor is highly flexible and configurable.

Our TEK LTE Ultrasonic Exi is accurate, reliable, smart and robust. Easy to install, our device is remotely configurable, allowing you to choose a reporting schedule with a continuous or spot inventory management. It will allow you to have real-time data and to increase safety by eliminating the need for manual measurement.

To learn more, contact a member of our team at or view the technical datasheet here


Tekelek pass 4 Million device milestone

The major milestone reflects the mature and leading market role of Tekelek in level measurement technology!

Tekelek, leaders in smart tank monitoring solutions, are pleased to announce that the number of its devices built and deployed to date worldwide has reached four million, a very significant milestone for the company.

According to Peter McCarthy, founder and CEO, this latest announcement is a great source of pride for the team. “Tekelek has been in IoT long before the term IoT was coined. We were one of the earliest believers in the potential for Remote Telemetry and the Internet of Things to transform the industries we’re so proud to serve. The 4 million milestone is a testament to our team and to our continued focus and commitment to innovation in this rapidly evolving sector. It’s a milestone we’re proud of but is just another step along the Tekelek journey.”