Smart Inventory Monitoring for the Chemical Industry 

Enhance Efficiency, Maximize Storage, and Guarantee Raw Material Availability

The chemical industry is renowned for its intricate and demanding processes. For plant managers, maintaining a steady supply of raw materials, often stored in a variety of tanks, is critical. Transparency in stock levels is essential, yet it hinges on the timely and accurate consolidation of measurements from numerous sources—a significant challenge for many companies.

Rochester Sensors understands that reliable data analytics have a vital role to play in ensuring processes run smoothly in the Chemicals and Agro Chemicals industry and we are excited to be showcasing our class leading solutions – setting new standards in level sensors and inventory monitoring in the Specialty and Agro Chemicals Industries at the Specialty & Agro Chemicals America in Savannah, GA, from June 25-27.

A perfect example to meet the needs of the Chemical industry on display at the event is the TEK 880 Cellular Radar Monitor Exi.

Setting new standards in accurate and reliable tank management solutions,  the TEK 880 Cellular Radar monitor is an accurate and reliable tank management solution. Engineered with robust, low-profile design, this cutting-edge technology is perfect for diverse applications including chemicals, oil and gas, fuels, lubricants, water, agri-food industries and other industrial facilities utilizing tanks, IBC totes and silos to store product or essential component products. These storage tanks are monitored for various reasons, most notably for inventory/asset control and safety.

With effortless installation, wireless connectivity, and customizable alarms, the TEK 880 ensures seamless operation and maintenance. It features 60 GHz radar technology for precise fluid level measurement and supports real-time data transmission via LTE CAT-M1 or NB-IoT, enabling enhanced asset management and business planning in hazardous environments.

In summary, the TEK 880 enables highly accurate real-time data on inventory levels in C1D1 / ATEX environments providing you with the tools to achieve unparalleled inventory oversight and efficiency. The added benefit is increased safety by eliminating the need for manual measurement.

Experience the benefits of enhanced storage utilization and guaranteed raw material availability and keep your operations running smoothly.

We are excited to  be showcasing this product and our portfolio of level measurement solutions at this three day event. The event provides an invaluable forum to connect with and learn from other industry leaders about the latest trends and best practices in the specialty and agrochemical sectors. Our presence at the event underscores our ongoing commitment to the specialty and agrochemical sectors and to our partners attending.

We look forward to developing our new relationships following the event

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