5 Ways Our Customers Are Using Tekelek Tank Sensors

In a competitive marketplace, identifying a solution that offers a competitive advantage is no easy task. Tekelek Level Measurement technologies is a key that opens doors to operational efficiencies, better customer service, and greater market share. The benefits of level measurement technology apply across a range of sectors as Tekelek’s broad customer base demonstrates.

Our broad customer base includes tank manufacturers, power/mobile generator operators, fuel oil distributors, lubricant and liquid fertilizer producers, chemical manufacturers, purchasing groups, consumers, Local Authorities etc. Adding Tekelek telemetry to any tank provides a significant overall value proposition to the client. The data is available remotely via a server and can be utilized in several ways to create value.

Here Are 5 Ways Our Customers are Using Our Technology:

1. Lubricant & Liquid Fertilizer Suppliers: by having remote visibility to tank contents also allows the liquid fertilizer or diesel distributor to optimize delivery routes based on tank status
2. Fuel oil distributor: utilizing data collected remotely, Fuel Oil Distributors’ can proactively manage customers’ tanks i.e. advise on “days to empty” and when to next order.
3. Chemical manufacturers: providing the liquid level data to their customers via mobile phone apps, offers an enhanced value proposition and increases customer loyalty.
4. Fuel purchasing groups: can use the data collected to negotiate optimum rates for their clients.
5. Local authorities: can use the technology to manage recycling facilities, to identify when bins require emptying

To learn more about Tekelek and level measurement solutions, contact us directly at sales@tekelek.com

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