Multi-Tech Systems display TEK 888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Level Sensor (Nth America variant) at Entelec Expo, Texas

Tekelek is proud to see the TEK 888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Level Sensor (Nth America variant) exhibited by Multi-Tech Systems at Entelec Expo, Texas

Tekelek was proud to see that our TEK 888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Sensor (North America variant) was displayed by Multitech who exhibited at Entelec Conference & Expo in Houston, Texas (Aug 10-12). Based in Minnesota, USA, MultiTech has a long history of enabling standards-based industrial communications for the industrial Internet of Things. The company’s portfolio of technology-enabled hardware is designed to address the concerns of Oil & Gas enterprises who want to cost-effectively and securely connect sensors clustered within an oil field and across multiple sites at scale.

“With a commitment to delivering high end assets that can modernise your business, it’s no mystery that Multitech has selected to highlight Tekelek’s TEK888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Sensor as part of their product portfolio at the event”  said Sean Ganley, Chief Sales Officer.

The ENTELEC Conference and Expo is one of the premier energy focused events in North America. This annual Conference & Expo brings together industry professionals, exhibitors, and vendors of energy companies such as petroleum, pipeline, natural gas and electric utilities to continue sharing knowledge and educating each other about the latest developments in information technology, IIOT, telecommunications, automation and oil & gas.

ENTELEC is all about the exchange of ideas. It is a forum for industry thought leaders and pioneers to discuss these applications, solutions, new ideas and the related challenges.

“This is the ideal forum in which to introduce the TEK888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Sensor (North America variant), an innovative and cost efficient solution that meets client needs across a host of applications.”

For more information on the TEK888 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Sensor (North America variant), contact us at to connect with a member of our team.

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