Tekelek offer over 25 years’ experience in ultrasonic sensing, instrumentation and communications. Our portfolio of own-design ultrasonic tank monitors for accurate level measurement of fuel oil & gas, chemicals, water, lubricants, waste and more are certified to the highest standards, making them highly accurate and reliable instrumentation.

TEK 561 RF Dial Gauge Exi
Tekelek’s LPG Tank sensor provides accurate remote monitorin...
Ultrasonic Sensor RF Gen 3 sensor
TEK 687 RF Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic RF sensor with increased ultrasonic range of 4m.
Ultrasonic Sensor RF Gen 3 sensor
TEK 574 RF Ultrasonic Gen 2
Ultrasonic RF Gen 2 sensor with optional built- in LCD displ...
TEK 584 RF Ultrasonic Gen 2 Mulit-Thread
Tekelek’s Ultrasonic RF Gen 2 Multi-Thread sensor provides a...