TEK Gas GSM Dial Gauge Exi

With flexible sensor/meter connection options, our battery powered ATEX GSM modem/logger is suitable for monitoring fuel tank levels and flow rates.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Accurate, reliable tank level reporting to server monitoring application
  • Data or SMS Communication ( TEK586 data packet format)
  • Highly configurable server reporting interval from every 2 hours to once per month
  • 28 slot logger with configurable logging interval
  • Programmable Alarms
    • High level
    • Low level
    • Rate of level change (fill or drain)
  • Reports local temperature, GSM RSSI, and battery level
  • External antenna option for underground locations
  • Remote re-configurability
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Mounting/attachment options – wall/pole/magnet
  • CE Conformance and ROHS Compliant


  • LPG/Propane tank dial-gauge position measurement
    • Rochester R3D/Twinsite Senior/Junior
  • Pressure sensor based vented tank liquid level monitoring
    • Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline
    • Oils/Waste Oils
    • Other hazardous/non hazardous
  • Utility meters/Flow meters
    • Pulse output accumulation and reporting
    • Absolute encoder serial output protocols
    • Other hazardous/non hazardous
  • Tanks
    • Fixed/Mobile
    • Vented/Pressurised
    • Underground
    • Tanks size limited only by the capability of the sensor connected
  • Optimised delivery or collections
  • Spot and continuous inventory measurement
  • Configurable reporting schedule and alarms
For ordering information contact: sales@tekelek.ie
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