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Tank Monitoring in Water Utilities and Water Industry Delivers ROI

Water Utilities and Water Industry improve efficiency and safety with remote monitoring solutions from Tekelek.

Water as a resource is under growing strain with over-consumption, climate change and degradation of quality to name but a few issues.

Level monitoring is an increasingly important tool for the water and wastewater industry, helping to best manage their resources more efficiently, prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer service.

A key point to note is that the benefits of remote tank and liquid level measurement and monitoring for the Water and Wastewater industry are far reaching in application including;

While the applications of telemetry for Water and Wastewater are wide ranging, the extensive gains remain the same.

  • Optimize Operations: Implementing tank monitoring provides accessible, reliable, and real-time coverage over valuable water storage, helping water utilities and water industry businesses improve economic and operational efficiency, increase safety, and detect changing conditions rapidly.
  • IoT Cloud Solution: Tekelek offer an integrated solution – measurement / communication functionality in one package. Data is easily accessible via Tekelek’s optional Delta portal. The data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Tekelek is a platform-agnostic solution, so Water industry customers can choose to use Tekelek’s cloud-based backend solution or not. The value of a flexible, scalable integrated IoT remote tank monitoring system is realized with improved efficiency across an organisation while providing a reliable, safe, and productive environment.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Tekelek solutions enables customers to keep operations on schedule. Remote tank and level monitoring assists to recognise risks such as water leakages, unusual consumption patterns etc before they affect your operations and avoid costly down time
  • Safety: Enhance operational safety by reducing the need for labor intensive staff inspections of dangerous water level sites
  • Improving customer service: Tank monitoring can help improve customer service by ensuring that utilities are able to provide reliable and consistent service to their customers. By ensuring that tanks are accurately filled, utilities can reduce the risk of service interruptions and other problems that could impact customers. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can be valuable in a competitive industry.
  • Instant & Multiple Alerts: Tekelek’s advanced tank level monitoring solutions further provide instant and multiple programmable alerts of water-related issues i.e. Full alert; Empty alert; Spill alert(bunded tanks); Fill alert; Low and High levels via SMS, email, platform alerts, etc This allows for prompt informed decision making by appropriate authorities
  • Scalable Solution/ROI: Reduced network costs combined with long life; low maintenance technology options allow tank monitoring systems to be implemented at a fraction of previous costs. The robust technology and competitive pricing support a scalable solution for utilities and other service providers.

Overall, implementing remote level monitoring delivers tremendous benefits to water industries. Innovative tank monitoring solutions enable real time data collection from even the most remote and challenging water storage tanks, piped networks and other facilities without substantial capital outlay. By unlocking 24/7 real time visibility and feeding this data into the Water and Waste water management systems, it is resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and safety, improved customer service and increased profitability.

If you are interested in the tank monitoring solutions provided by Tekelek or would like to know more about how we can help your business, get in touch today. Email our sales team at

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