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TEK 811 Cellular Ultrasonic Sensor for Industrial Applications

Tekelek’s reliable TEK 811 Cellular Ultrasonic monitor is the perfect solution for industrial applications to remotely monitor and control operations 24/7 from Fuel Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Petro-Chemicals, Waste, Agri-Food and more.

The TEK 811Cellular Ultrasonic monitor from Tekelek, now a Rochester Sensors company, is a flexible level sensor and remote tank monitor which can be remotely configured to meet your needs.

With an integrated cellular modem, this ultrasonic level sensor can be used alongside GSM (2G), LTE-M (Cat-M1) or NB-IoT networks.

Suitable for remotely monitoring liquid levels, this TEK 811 Cellular Ultrasonic 5G Cellular level sensor can be used to monitor:

·     Fuel – oil, Kerosene, Diesel,  Lubricants,  DEF/AdBlue, Coolants,  Water,  Waste Oil, Waste Water

·      Selected Chemicals *contact us to check compatible products

·      Fixed or portable tanks

In addition to 24/7 remote tank monitoring data access, there is also the option to utilise programmable alerts include Low & high levels, fill alert, spill alert (bunded tank) and empty alert.

Key Benefits

·      Real time visibility to tank contents, offers client visibility to end customers’ fuel oil/lubricant   levels

·      Delivering a minimum of 20% improved operational efficiency

·      Accurate data optimizes operational efficiencies and bottom-line profits

·      Cost effective, a reliable measurement solution

·      Enables the development of an e-commerce element to market special offers and target specific demographics.

Tekelek designs, and manufactures level measurement solutions that offer uncompromising quality and performance.

Our sales team are happy to advise customers on the best remote tank monitoring solutions to suit specific industry project requirements.

We are committed to meet our customer requirements and would encourage advance orders to meet end of year demand now. Contact us at

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