Tekelek at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress

Tekelek participated in the 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston, Texas, which took place from December 5-9th, 2021. The Congress is an international symposium held every three years and is often referred to in the sector as ‘the Olympics of the oil and gas industry.’

Returning to the US for the first time in over 30 years, the 23rd World Petroleum Congress transformed Houston into the epicenter of the global energy debate. Billboards on roads and highways leading to the event sought to rebrand Houston, traditionally known as the ‘energy capital of the world’, into the ‘energy transition capital of the world.’ With the Digital Transformation of the oil and gas industry very high on the agenda, Tekelek’s class-leading   garnered huge interest from upstream, midstream, and downstream oil, gas and oilfield chemicals businesses from across the world.

Houston is a hive of activity, economically booming and growing so rapidly that it is poised to pass Chicago as the third largest city in the US later this decade, surpassed only by New York and Los Angeles. The city’s recognition as ‘the energy capital of the world’ is certainly justified as Houston is home to 4,600 energy companies and a hub of technological innovation and entrepreneurship both within the energy sector and across aligned sectors. Tekelek’s US office is located in Greater Houston, in The Woodlands – close to our many customers in Houston’s well-known ‘Energy Corridor.’ Tekelek’s Texas base and expanding US team strengthen the continued development of our business in the exciting, high growth US and Canadian markets.


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