Tekelek embarks on global water management project with UNHCR

Tekelek is excited to announce that we are now engaging with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in remote water tank monitoring to deliver real time intelligent management of vital water inventories across refugee camps. This project also enables route planning and optimisation for UNHCR to facilitate efficient and economical logistics across global UNHCR locations.

Pilot testing of Tekelek’s SMART ultrasonic level measurement technology to remotely monitor the level of water at two selected field test locations has been well received by UNHCR.

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager of Tekelek, says, “This is an exciting and significant project for both parties. Prior to testing Tekelek tank monitoring technology, a key challenge for UNHCR had been to remotely monitor fill levels of their water tank containers, in refugee camps over wide areas and across multiple geographies. These early stage deployments are now part of the evolution in remote telemetry applications and demonstrate the real value this technology can bring to people’s wellbeing” McCarthy said.

Ongoing collaboration project development is scheduled for 2019.

View the LoRaWAN Level Sensor technical datasheet here deployed as part of this project. For further information on the project, contact sales@tekelek..ie

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