Tekelek in the water community industry for the first time.

Recently Tekelek has been developing opportunities in the water and waste-water industries which represents a new vertical in Tekelek’s application portfolio.

An Irish company providing design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance services within the water and wastewater sector required a solution to send an alert to an operator, should the water level rise inside an overflow pipe indicative of a pump failure.

Tekelek saw this as a great opportunity for the company and provided a simple solution with a float switch assembly which, when activated would send an alert to the person responsible for maintaining the pump via a text message.

Our client selected the Tekelek stand-alone GSM switch input monitor, which was customised to send text message alerts on switch activation. The proven reliability, performance and cost point makes it a scalable solution for this application and raises the potential for others in the water/wastewater sector.

This represents the first endeavour for Tekelek in the water / waste water industry and demonstrates where Tekelek technology can provide a simple installation, maintenance free and cost effective solution in what would otherwise be a flood risk for the client.

To learn more about it contact sales@tekelek.ie

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