About Us

No. 1 supplier of ultrasonic tank monitoring devices in Europe with over 4.5 million devices in the field.

Tekelek is an Irish company specializing in the design and manufacture of the very best in ultrasonic level measurement instruments and remote smart monitoring solutions – both ATEX and Standard.

We provide hardware solutions for the control and transmission of level and condition measurement for a variety of applications. These devices can be monitored/controlled using hard wired or wireless technologies incorporating GSM, Broadband, ISM band, or more recently LoRaWAN and CAT-M1/ NB-IoT communication techniques.

From our bases in Ireland, USA, and Asia, Tekelek proudly serves the oil & gas, LPG/Propane, chemicals, water, waste, fertilizers, additives, agri-food, and other industries and has done so for more than 28 years. We have built and deployed more than 4.5 million Tekelek monitors on tanks, IBCs, barrels, drums, piped networks, and more, in 40 countries, across 6 continents.
We help our customers by providing real-time data facilitating smarter decision-making creating leaner, more agile businesses with up to 30% savings by optimizing efficiencies.

Our high performance is based on industry experience and customer commitment. We pride ourselves on our client focus, the certainty of performance, and the ability to meet changing client/technology needs. This is what drives us to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our History


Why Choose Tekelek?

Building a case for Tekelek’s tank technology solution is easy as adding real-time tank level information opens doors to operational efficiencies, better customer service, and greater market share with average cost-saving benefits of 20% – 30%.

Here are some ways tank monitoring technology will benefit your business:

Tekelek are at the forefront of remote monitoring technologies with extensive expertise and experience.

We offer:

  • Integrated Solutions
    Measurement / communication functionality in one package
    GPS + Level Measurement in one device
  • Multi-connectivity Wireless options
    Ability to connect to multiple platforms incl. 2G/3G, CAT-M / NB-IoT, LPWAN – LoRa/Sigfox, Wi-Fi/Internet modem-based and RF communications
    Eliminate Satellite charges
  • Customized Design
    Agile development solutions for specific customer requirements
  • Proven
    Robust and Ultra-Reliable technology at Competitive Pricing
  • Smart Sensing Functionality
    Configuration, alarms, alerts, on-board diagnostics


  • World leaders in ultrasonic measurement technology
    Best in class ultrasonics
  • Hardware is Highly Configurable
    Can be redirected to other backend
    Alarm configurations
    Schedule adjustments
  • Battery Management
    Typical battery life >5 years (GSM), minimizes field service requirements
    Battery life >10 years on some products (LoRa)
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
    The industry’s broadest range of communications options
  • White Label / Private Label Options
    Custom developments

Finally, Experts for your issues and questions. Our knowledgeable team members are there to help identify the best solution for individual circumstances.

Our Locations

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