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Ultrasonic Monitors

Tekelek offer over 25 years’ experience in ultrasonic sensing, instrumentation and communications. Our portfolio of own-design ultrasonic tank monitors for accurate level measurement of fuel oil & gas, chemicals, water, lubricants, waste and more are certified to the highest standards, making them highly accurate and reliable instrumentation.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor - Level Measurement Solution LoRa Ultrasonic Monitor
TEK 888 LoRa Ultrasonic Sensor 915MHz
Our TEK 888 LoRa Ultrasonic Sensor 915MHz is a flexible and...
TEK 893
TEK 893 LoRa Logger + Ultrasonic Sensor
With an ultrasonic level sensor, the battery powered Intrins...
TEK 811 LR Cellular Ultrasonic Sensor (C1D2)
Our Long Range Cellular Ultrasonic sensor  is a flexible and...
TEK 871 Cellular Ultrasonic Exi
Rochester Sensors Ultrasonic LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT is a configur...
TEK811 Ultrasonic Liquid level sensor NB-IoT/CAT-M1
Our Ultrasonic 4G NB-IoT/CAT-M1 is a flexible and configurab...
Liquid Level Monitoring
Liquid Level Monitoring – GSM Tank Monitor – TEK 733 GSM Ultrasonic
Our Ultrasonic GSM Tank Monitor a flexible and configurable...
Liquid Level Sensor
Liquid Level Sensor – LoRaWAN Tank Level Monitor- TEK 766 LoRa Ultrasonic
Our Ultrasonic LoRaWAN liquid level sensor  is a flexible an...
WiFi - Ultrasonic Monitor
TEK 750 Wi-Fi Ultrasonic
Our Wi-Fi Ultrasonic Sensor is a flexible and configurable b...
TEK 839 LoRa Ultrasonic Waste Level Sensor – Waste level measurement
Our LoRa Ultrasonic Waste Level Sensor is a flexible and con...
Ultrasonic Sensor RF Gen 3 sensor
TEK 687 RF Ultrasonic (916 MHz)
Ultrasonic RF sensor with increased ultrasonic range of 4m.
TEK 584 RF Ultrasonic Gen 2 Mulit-Thread
Tekelek’s Ultrasonic RF Gen 2 Multi-Thread sensor provides a...