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We provide improved level measurement accuracy, making it possible to reduce cost, save time and ensure regulatory compliance.

Tekelek has as its core business, the design and manufacture of ultrasonic level measurement products specialising in local and remote monitoring level monitoring. We offer local telemetry devices and remote telemetry devices for both safe area and ATEX / hazardous applications. Tekelek’s strength lies predominantly in two of our key competencies of successful end to end product research and development together with effective supply-chain management.

Our sustained focus and execution of these two principles ensure that our customers receive a high-end, reliable, quality product and service at a competitive price. Coupled with this is the comfort of knowing that you have a business partner whose priority is to ensure that you are satisfied and want to work with us again.

Over the years that we have been manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and control sensors, we have broadened our range of products to meet changing customer needs and advance technologies.

We will continue to expand our product lines in the future, so that it is possible to provide even better service to our customers.

“Creating innovative, affordable and sustainable electronic measurement and control solutions for today’s environment”