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Propane / LPG Monitors US

Tekelek offer over 25 years’ experience in ultrasonic sensing, instrumentation and communications. Our portfolio of own-design ultrasonic tank monitors for accurate level measurement of fuel oil & gas, chemicals, water, lubricants, waste and more are certified to the highest standards, making them highly accurate and reliable instrumentation.

LPG tank monitor – ATEX approved. Flexible and configurable battery powered LPG tank monitor with an integrated Cellular modem.
TEK 822 Cellular LPG Propane Exi
The Tekelek Class 1 div 1 intrinsically safe propane tank mo...
LoRa LPG Tank Level Monitor - LoRa Propane Tank Level Monitor - ATEX LPG Remote Tank Monitor
TEK 790 LoRa Datalogger Exi
Our Intrinsically Safe certified  LoRa Ultrasonic Propane Le...