Intrinsically Safe environments and products are subject to strict safety requirements so precise and accurate monitoring is particularly important. Reliable measurement methods are critical to ensure strict compliance with requirements as well as helping to optimize operational resources. Tekelek offer an extensive portfolio of ATEX approved measurement technologies covering a wide range of requirements.


  • Increase the drop size – method to increase profitability for propane distributors.
  • Prevention of stockouts and dry failures through the generation of alerts 

Take control of your assets and improve safety – no more inconsistent manual records or climbing tanks removing safety risks also.

TEK Gas LoRa Dial Gauge Exi

Our ATEX certified LPG Tank Sensor is a flexible and configurable operated level sensor with an integrated LoRaWAN radio.

TEK Gas RF Dial Gauge Exi

Tekelek’s LPG Tank sensor provides accurate remote monitoring of LPG and Propane tanks.

TEK Gas GSM Dial Gauge Exi

With flexible sensor/meter connection options, our battery powered ATEX GSM modem/logger is suitable for monitoring fuel tank levels and flow rates.

TEK Gas LTE Dial Gauge Exi

With flexible sensor/meter connection options, the battery powered Intrinsically safe LPG logger is suitable for monitoring fuel tanks levels and flow rate.

TEK Gas RF 10 Bar Display

Wall plug with built-in LCD display for an instant view of tank level measurement from the tank. Ideal for fuel distributors as no access to remote receiver required.
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