Introducing the new Tekelek LoRaWAN Waste Bin Monitor!

As an extension of Tekelek’s core IoT hardware offering, Tekelek is pleased to introduce the TEK839 LoRaWAN Waste Bin Monitor. This exciting innovation will enable Tekelek to serve the LoRa waste management and waste monitoring markets.

The LoRaWAN Waste Monitor is ready for market following extensive testing on multiple waste types including cardboard, plastics, glass, and general waste leading to first deployments in Q3 2019.

With growing market competition and demands in the waste management sector, Tekelek’s technology enables improvement in efficiency of waste and recycle bin collections.

The LoRaWAN waste sensor solution is providing cost effective visibility to bin levels, with an exceptional battery life (>14 years). LoRaWAN waste sensors that are mounted in the bins are part of a system that can track and learn from patterns of activity in the bins. Collected data provided by the sensors assist the waste management company to make decisions on when trash collectors should empty them and where recycling options might be needed. It is also helping the waste management company to mitigate container overflow as the device is pre-configured to send notifications when the bins are 80 percent full.

An outstanding benefit in deploying the waste monitoring technology is the reduction in the number of overall collections, and optimisation of operational resources which will ultimately increase profitability.
“This new development allows us to capitalise on advances and economies in IoT technologies to provide greater intelligence on management and monitoring of waste,” said Oliver McCarthy, General Manager. Tekelek presents an exciting opportunity for greater efficiency and improved customer service in the waste sector.

To learn more of the LoRaWAN Waste Monitor, contact us at

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