Tekelek focus on product solutions for growing RTM market

Our IoT-based remote tank monitoring products deliver smart insights on client needs, with demand growing globally in the tank level monitoring space. A perfect example from our product portfolio is the TEK 871 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT/2G ATEX / C1D1 ultrasonic tank level monitor.

Remote Tank Monitoring (RTM) is being more widely deployed across the world. The continued growing market for tank monitoring technology is evident from a recent market research report that highlights forecasted growth for the tank monitoring technology market at CAGR of 35.5 percent, the active installed base is estimated to reach 22.2 million units worldwide in 2025.

A combination of key factors is driving the market growth. A sample of these includes rising energy and asset management costs, together with increased demand for safety and efficiency requirements across various process industries, and government regulations to monitor and control carbon emissions in industry. Low installation costs are also contributing to market growth over the forecast period.

Tekelek understands that reliable data analytics have a vital role to play in ensuring processes run smoothly.

Tekelek offers a portfolio of solutions. Today, we’re focusing on our TEK 871 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT/2G ATEX ultrasonic tank level monitor.

The TEK 871 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT/2G ATEX ultrasonic tank level monitor Exi is accurate, reliable, smart, and robust. The TEK871 Ultrasonic 4G NB-IoT/CAT-M1 ATEX/Intrinsically Safe monitor is a flexible and configurable battery-operated liquid level sensor and remote tank monitor with an integrated cellular modem. This is communicated via CAT-M1 / NB-IoT networks. Easy to install, this explosion-proof monitor is certified to the highest standards for hazardous environments. The sensor is highly flexible and configurable.

Applications include Fuel oil and gas inventories, Chemical plants, agricultural operations, and other industrial facilities utilizing tanks, IBC totes and silos to store product or essential component products. These storage tanks are monitored for various reasons, most notably for inventory/asset control and safety.

In summary, the TEK 871 enables highly accurate real-time data on inventory levels in C1D1 / ATEX environments and increases safety by eliminating the need for manual measurement – improving operational efficiency increasing profitability.

For more information on this product and our portfolio of options, contact sales@tekelek.com


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