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Understanding Ultrasonics to Optimize Your Business Operations!

Tekelek specialises in the design and manufacture of the very best in ultrasonic level measurement instruments and remote smart monitoring solutions across a vast range of industries where it is important to accurately monitor and manage the levels of liquids in tanks.


Going back to basics, ultrasonic remote tank monitors are devices used to remotely monitor the level of liquid in a tank. These devices use ultrasonic technology to measure the distance between the sensor and the liquid surface in the tank.

Here is a simplified explanation of how ultrasonic remote tank monitors’ work:

1. The ultrasonic sensor emits high-frequency sound waves (ultrasonic waves) towards the liquid surface in the tank.

2. The ultrasonic waves travel through the air and bounce off the liquid surface.

3. The sensor then receives the reflected waves and calculates the time it took for the waves to travel from the sensor to the liquid surface and back.

4. Using this time, the device can calculate the distance between the sensor and the liquid surface.

5. The device then converts the distance measurement to a level measurement, which represents the amount of liquid in the tank.

6. The device can then transmit this information wirelessly to a remote display or monitoring system.

Tekelek offer over 29 years’ experience in ultrasonic technology and is an internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic monitoring technology solutions.

With Tekelek’s world-leading ultrasonic sensing technology, millions of tanks, containers, bins, drums, silos, water, and wastewater networks have become smart – enabling consumers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, utilities, local authorities, and others to increase efficiencies and reduce costs in managing their liquid and solid assets.

Our solutions accurately measure inventories, ensure workplace safety, convenience and, very importantly, enable sustainability.

To optimize these benefits and ROI from your tank monitoring program, Tekelek offer an optional data portal. Tekelek’s Delta platform is a cost-effective, cloud-based, highly adaptable remote telemetry reporting platform. Our intuitive, secure and fully scalable Delta platform provides scheduled, bespoke reports from all of your monitored tanks. Tekelek is however platform agnostic, meaning that customers can chose Tekelek monitors while using the backend of their choice, or they can select Tekelek’s industry-leading hardware plus platform solution.

If you want more information on how ultrasonics work and Tekelek’s wide ranging portfolio of ultrasonic or pressure sensor and radar tank monitoring solutions, please contact our sales team at