Tekelek in the water community industry for the first time.

Recently Tekelek has been developing opportunities in the water and waste-water industries which represents a new vertical in Tekelek’s application portfolio.

An Irish company providing design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance services within the water and wastewater sector required a solution to send an alert to an operator, should the water level rise inside an overflow pipe indicative of a pump failure.

Tekelek saw this as a great opportunity for the company and provided a simple solution with a float switch assembly which, when activated would send an alert to the person responsible for maintaining the pump via a text message.

Our client selected the Tekelek stand-alone GSM switch input monitor, which was customised to send text message alerts on switch activation. The proven reliability, performance and cost point makes it a scalable solution for this application and raises the potential for others in the water/wastewater sector.

This represents the first endeavour for Tekelek in the water / waste water industry and demonstrates where Tekelek technology can provide a simple installation, maintenance free and cost effective solution in what would otherwise be a flood risk for the client.

To learn more about it contact sales@tekelek.ie

Tekelek is in the Small Association Firm Magazine Summer Edition 2019.

Tekelek is delighted to announce that we have been mentioned in the Small Firm Association Magazine Summer 2019 Edition. The Small Firm Association is the “Voice of Small Business” in Ireland. They represent a diverse membership of businesses that are found in every town and every city in Ireland. This article relates how Tekelek has been awarded supplier of the year by NCH Corporation earlier this year. We are very proud and grateful for this opportunity to appear in the Small firm Association Magazine Summer Edition 2019 and grateful towards NCH Corporation for giving us this recognition as their Supplier of the year.

“Tekelek, Europe’s foremost manufacturer of products that measure and report the level of liquids in domestic and commercial tanks, was recently awarded Supplier of the Year from NCH Corporation. NCH Corporation is a major US international marketer of maintenance products with a focus on industrial and commercial businesses employing 7,500 employees across six continents. Through the use of Tekelek’s reliable and cost-effective Tank Monitoring Level Measurement Sensor, NCH Corporation has optimised asset management and operations efficiency across the organisation.
From its headquarters in Shannon, Tekelek has been actively developing and manufacturing innovative Internet of Things (IoT) smart-energy products for more than 20 years. With over 3 million devices in the field, they are the number one supplier of ultrasonic tank monitoring devices in Europe. They are at the forefront of IoT trends and pride themselves on their ability to offer innovative level measurement products to meet changing customer needs.”

Small Firm Association Magazine Summer 2019 Edition

To learn more about it contact sales@tekelek.ie

Tekelek has a new website!

Tekelek is delighted to introduce you to our new website. Launched in mid-August, it has been redesigned with user experience in mind where navigation through the website has been made simple to improve your experience.

The new website reflects how Tekelek is moving forward as the No. 1 supplier of ultrasonic tank monitoring devices in Europe with over 3 million devices in the field.


You will find some updates such as new videos, new infographics, new content on our staff, our customers, our industry… our new website provides a clear message of who we are and what we do.

The search function has been made easier: you will be able to search a product by its application (Waste Management, LPG level Monitoring, Water…) or by its protocol of communication from RF, to NBIoT/CATM-1… nice addition to this new website you can search any word through our new search tool.

This website boasts a clean design, easy on the eye while giving you all the information you possibly need on Tekelek, our products, and our industry. New to our website, some use cases will help you understand the real-world benefits of our sensors within your respective industry.

Thank you to our partners and clients for your continued support. We’re really proud of our new redesigned website and we would love some feedback; explore the new website and tell us what you think with #TekelekGroup on Twitter and LinkedIn or contact sales@tekelek.ie to share your thoughts or any questions.