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A Warm Welcome to Ben Lease, President of Rochester Sensor

In April, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ben Lease, President of Rochester Sensors, to our Shannon office. The visit was a valuable opportunity for internal discussions and strategic planning, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Ben’s visit was instrumental in aligning our strategies and reinforcing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The collaborative atmosphere underscored our shared vision for the future and will undoubtedly drive our collective success forward.

In addition to the productive meetings, Ben toured our newly rebranded Rochester Sensors Europe office in Shannon, previously known as Tekelek Europe Ltd. The rebranding marks a new chapter in our journey, reflecting our growth and the expanding scope of our operations.

Ben Lease’s visit was not only a chance to review our progress but also to celebrate our achievements and set the stage for future growth as a Rochester Sensors Group company.

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