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Tekelek Europe Ltd. is now Rochester Sensors Europe Ltd.

In May 2023, Tekelek was acquired by Dallas-based Rochester Sensors, LLC, joining the globally recognised level sensor, switch and gauge manufacturer, and further bolstering the company’s comprehensive product range, including liquid level sensors, switches and gauges for use with fuels, oils, coolants, liquified gases, chemicals and more, to a host of industries including:

• Power generation
• Electrification
• Construction equipment
• Materials handling machines
• Commercial and passenger service vehicles
• Agricultural machinery
• Marine
• Motorsport and specialist vehicles
• Rail
• Engines
• Aerospace and defence vehicles
• Oil and gas
• Process and industrial equipment
• Liquid storage and distribution

Rochester Sensors now boasts an even broader range of liquid level monitoring products, enabling us to help customers by providing elegant solutions to often complex liquid level challenges.
In addition to our facility in Shannon, Ireland, Rochester Sensors has manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Warwick, UK; Brussels, Belgium and a sales office in Shanghai, China.

We’d be delighted to provide you with more details about these exciting developments, our industry-leading range of products or to discuss your application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our class-leading solutions.

For our customers’ records and admin purposes, the only changes are to our business name, logo, and email addresses at present. We will notify you of official updates to follow.