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Optimize your tank monitoring ROI with our Delta data platform

Rochester Sensors-Tekelek’s Delta platform allows you to streamline monitoring of your tanks, optimize benefits of remote monitoring of valuable inventories, and unlock huge ROI potential in your business.

Rochester Sensors is platform agnostic, meaning that our customers and partners can chose Rochester Sensors monitors while using the backend of their choice, or they can select Rochester Sensors industry-leading Delta portal solution.

Our intuitive, secure, and fully scalable Delta platform provides scheduled, bespoke reports from all of your monitored tanks. With the comprehensive Delta portal solution, you can access data remotely, 24/7, giving total control and visibility over all areas of your business, helping you monitor costs, optimize profits, improve service, maximize fill efficiency, increase operational efficiency, optimize route planning, increase productivity, eliminate run outs, and much more.

With our commitment to continued investment in delivering an industry leading user-friendly reporting platform, we are delighted to share new customer facing features:

  • Monitor / Modem Configuration checks
  • Improved GPS communications
    • A tank’s location can be as important as level to some of our customers. Our devices can request their GPS position. This feature can be requested from our Support Team.
  • Installation wizard updates
    • The install wizard has been modified to allow effortless modem activation.
  • User Culture features and integration
    • With over 5 million Rochester Sensors-Tekelek monitors deployed in 65 countries worldwide, local culture readings and settings support even greater usability across your organisation.

Use your data to maximize the benefits for your business with Tekelek Rochester Sensors Delta – from the world leaders in tank level monitoring.

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